About Me

The marriage between psychology and film is an obvious one – and pretty much every film critic out there has a Jungian therapist somewhere inside of them. I began this review series while finishing my doctorate in psychology, accompanied by a recurring escape to a separate life in the world of filmmaking and film critique. I am now a licensed psychologist and currently a tenure-track professor in the field with an emphasis in post-colonial and critical theory, liberation psychology, and integrative therapy (although there might have been a backpacking-trip or two to shake things up somewhere in there as well).

Underlying all three and my affinity for one-way air tickets is a shared realization: The stories we tell matter. They tell us who we are, who we were, and who we might become. Many are a channel for emotional catharsis, family conflict, all kinds of implicit projections, and our shared love of entertainment and necessary escape. Film also tells us a lot about our culture, power imbalances, aspects of positive social change, and counter-aspects of performative or self-defeating social change. If film and television are a reflection of our identities, they are also a reflection of how we are changing ourselves. Furthermore, how we talk about film and filmmaking also shape how our stories evolve in the future and, relatedly, who we might evolve into as well. Needless to say, this site currently reflects quite a bit of an identity crisis, and it is impossible to hide the bumps in my own worldview-evolution that naturally shifts and expands over time (as well as varying time constraints from my second life). Hopefully, though, it is still a meaningful journey, with some fun thoughts to chew on along the way!

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